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Some credit the Howard Dean presidential campaign in 2004 with maintaining the first campaign blog. Others cite as the first a blog maintained by a congressional candidate in 2002. Actually, one has to go back earlier, to 2000. I was a nonpartisan candidate for Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court in the general election in November 2000. I began planning my first law blog, BurtLaw's Law And Everything Else, one of the pioneering law blogs, in 1999 but I delayed starting it until after the 2000 general election. My 2000 campaign website, the no-longer-extant VoteHans.Com, contained a personal campaign blog (weblog or web journal), i.e., a blog actually written and maintained by the candidate, not by some staffer. I like to think it was the first campaign blog (a/k/a weblog or web journal), although it's quite possible someone else independently came up with the idea and did it in 2000 also. Because most "web archivers" were not in business in 2000, there has been no web record of my campaign website and campaign blog. For archival purposes and in the public interest, I am reproducing, as near as I can given software changes, the contents of what was VoteHans.Com as it appeared in 2000. Return to The Daily Judge Main Page. Notice: Click here for DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act Claim Notification Info pursuant to Subsection 512(c).

About BRH
Copyright (c) 2000 Burton Randall Hanson

Benson, Minnesota, May 30, 1943

Divorced. Father of two children: Jennifer Lindsay Hanson, graduate of Harvard College and currently a law student at Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor; Erik Alexander Hanson, undergraduate student at University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Education (chronological)
Benson High School, Benson, Minnesota (co-valedictorian)
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (BA - sociology - political science - history)
Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts (JD)

Relevant Professional Experience (chronological)
Special Term (Civil) Law Clerk, Hennepin County District Court (one year)
Law Clerk to the late Associate Justice C. Donald Peterson, Minnesota Supreme Court (two years)
Former Deputy Commissioner, Minnesota Supreme Court (twenty-six years)

Relevant Legal Publications
a) "A Profile of Justice C. Donald Peterson On His Retirement," The Hennepin Lawyer 6 (Nov.-Dec. 1985);
b) "An Introduction to the Judicial Opinions of Associate Justice C. Donald Peterson," The Professional, Public and Judicial Career of C. Donald Peterson (MN. Justices Series No. 4, 1987);
c) "Chief Justice Douglas K. Amdahl and the Minnesota Reports," Stepping Stones and the Judicial Career of Douglas K. Amdahl (MN. Justices Series No. 7, 1992);
d) "Voices of a Judge, The Supreme Court Opinions of Chief Justice Peter S. Popovich," The Judicial Career of Peter S. Popovich  (MN. Justices Series No. 10, 1998);
e) "A Court's Best Friend - Some Observations on the Political and Judicial Career of Lawrence R. Yetka - An Essay in Honor of a Half-Century of Service to the Cause of Justice in Minnesota and the People of Minnesota," The Political, Professional and Judicial Career of Lawrence R. Yetka (MN. Justices Series No. 9, 1996);
f) "Quotations of Chairman John [Simonett] on Law, Life, and Other Things That Matter (Such As Fishing and Pulltabs)," The Judicial Career of John E. Simonett (MN. Justices Series No. 11, 1998);
g) Currently writing a book on appellate court processes

Copyright (c) 2000 by Burton Randall Hanson - Prepared & published  by candidate on his own behalf and at his own expense. Candidate may be reached by e-mail at BRH@CampaignWebSiteURL or by mail at address listed on Secretary of State's website.